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A Notebook Series of Diverse Information On Many Subjects
Every publication can use a section for "catch-alls" where a wide variety of topics and subjects are presented without any additional formality or organization. Whether its an editorial, information on an upcoming event, articles about conservation, fisheries, organizations, or whatever, this is probably where it will end up.

Bead-Belly Bouncer Flies
On very rare occasions a new fly-tying technique will appear on the horizon. They are few and far between but those which are valid will eventually become part of the mainstream of tying fly patterns. We feel Steve Duckett's bead belly bouncer innovation is just such a revelation. Read about it, tie it up, then decide for yourself.

Cooking Up Salmon Eggs For Hungry Trout
The flyfisher's ultimate goal is to find that "one size fits all" fly pattern that continues to produce through thick and thin, hell or high water. Just maybe Brad's latest pattern might come close. And this is a pattern anyone can "tie" with no problem.

Following The Rainbow
Every Alaskan angler knows that fall is the premier time to hit the streams for BIG rainbows and char which have followed the salmon to their spawning grounds. These fish capitalize on the abundance of loose salmon eggs washing downstream and its only a matter of finding spawning salmon to discover some incredible fly fishing for trout and Dollies with very few anglers around.

Mickey on the Menu?
One doesn't normally think of four-legged animals as appropriate food for Alaska's freshwater fishes. But with the harsh conditions in the north country large rainbows, arctic char, lake trout, and northern pike will all take advantage of an unlucky mouse, lemming, vole or shrew's unfortunate situation should they end up in the water.

Big Rainbows, Big Appetites
Bristol Bay and the Alaska Peninsula have some of the best remote rainbow fishing left on earth. Unspoiled scenery, clean waters and big fish with big appetites are the major draw for fly fishers.

Steele on Situk Steel
Alaska's most popular steelhead fishery...Yakutat's Situk River. Brian Steele provides some insider tips on maximizing your success and some pointers to be aware of when planning your trip.

Egg Sucking Anything
If you're puzzled or downright confused about the bizarre flies in Alaskan boxes you're not alone. "Egg Sucking Anything" is an insider's view that puts Alaskan flies in perspective while offering time-tested tips for improving you're success in the Great Land.

Gearing Up For Alaska Fly Fishing
For those Alaskans just getting started in fly fishing or travelers who will be visiting the state and sampling our fisheries, here is a primer to give you a bit of orientation on selecting the proper gear for the job.

Pre-Season Tune-ups For Tackle & Gear
Fly fishers usually have a wider variety of tackle and gear than traditional anglers. And as is often the case Alaska flyfishing is a torturous activity for the gear we use. To put it simply, our tackle really takes a beating up here and all too often some or all of it may be retired for the winter without proper attention. This is a rundown of the most common things to check in the Spring before getting out on that first trip.

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