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A Series on Fly-Fishing Alaska's Saltwater Opportunities
Forty-seven thousand miles of coastline - that's Alaska's saltwater fishing potential. Yet fly-fishing in the saltchuck has few followers and even less is known about it or shared by others. But the potential for some incredible fishing awaits those who have the means and/or ingenuity to figure out the details and give it a shot.

With few exceptions most saltwater fly-fishing usually occurs in the inter-tidal zone around river and stream mouths. The target species are most often one or more of the five Pacific salmon which return to hundreds of rivers each summer for their final spawning migration. To a lesser extent, ocean-run Dolly Varden and steelhead entering from the saltwater may also be targeted.

Little is known of the potential for open ocean fly-fishing yet some dedicated anglers have reportedly taken pink and coho salmon and some species of rockfish from boats along rocky shorelines or in areas that are historical salmon staging areas.

The summer of 2000 will be a year of experimentation with respect to Alaska's saltwater fly-fishing potential. We know of several fisheries that will provide the opportunity to get into some excellent fishing and we hope to pass on that information in this section. So you'll just have to wait a bit for this section to develop. Fortunately Alaska has abundant fly-fishing opportunities in the rivers, streams and lakes that will keep any angler satisfied for now.


The Color of Paradise is PINK!
- Fly-Fishing Saltwater -

Alaska isn't known for its saltwater fly fishing but indeed if you know when and where to go and for what species, you can have an experience every bit as rewarding as fishing the flats for bonefish....except for the palm trees!

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