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Flycasters around the world are one group which have some exceptional flyfishing and flytying resources available on the Internet. But we have found that Alaska, although providing some of the world's best freshwater flyfishing opportunities, has a very limited amount of Internet resources and information available when it comes to flyfishing in this state. It is AFO's intent to contribute what it can to this knowledge base and perhaps in some way assist its readers in becoming more successful in this sport.

The Alaskan Fly Tier's Bench is a unique collection of information. It focusses strictly on those patterns which are used successfully in Alaska for the many species of fish that are present. Its not a huge database compared to other websites; on the other hand, its truly the Cream of the Crop when it comes to what every flycaster should have in their fly box.

Some patterns you find here may be familiar to you. After all, fish are fish, and sometimes traditional favorites work as well up here as anywhere similar species are found. But a large majority of Alaska's streams contain ocean runs of salmon and that one component can introduce nuances unfamiliar to a traveling angler visiting the state.

Long cold, dark winters and extended ice cover on most streams and lakes force resident species such as char, rainbows and grayling to indulge in huge quantities of high protein food sources in order to sustain themselves through the winter. For the flyfishing angler this opens up a whole new world of unfamiliar patterns, but each having a genuine purpose.

We've organized our "electronic fly box" with a user-friendly approach in mind. Flies are grouped according to fly type. Listing by name does not often indicate the type of general pattern a fly may represent. Once you have selected a pattern series each fly listed in that section will be identified as to the species it is most effective on.

The following designators will be used for fish species:
  • RT = Rainbow Trout
  • SH = Steelhead Trout
  • DV = Dolly Varden, Arctic Char
  • CT = Cutthroat trout
  • G = Arctic Grayling
  • WF = Whitefish
  • LT = Lake Trout
  • NP = Northern Pike
  • KS = King Salmon (chinook)
  • SS = Silver Salmon (coho)
  • PS = Pink Salmon (humpy)
  • RS = Red Salmon (sockeye)
  • CS = Chum Salmon (dog)
  • SF = Sheefish
  • RF = Rockfish
  • H = Halibut

Our objective is to promote MORE flyfishing in Alaska, especially among Alaskans who have typically favored spinning tackle as their gear of choice. And the first step in that process is to educate AFO readers about the many patterns used successfully in Alaska. As with any Internet resource, we are continually expanding so this fly section will have new additions posted as time allows and we'll be sure to announce them.

Tight lines!

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