Alaskan Stream Stalker

A Series on Fly-Fishing Alaska's Rivers and Streams
Welcome to the Alaskan Stream Stalker and 3000 rivers and streams comprising tens of thousands of miles of Alaska fishing.

With 586,000 square miles, Alaska provides more fishing opportunities than the vast majority of the Lower 48 combined. Salmon numbers exceed tens of millions of fish each year returning to their natal streams. And an abundance of resident species of freshwater fish proliferate in a great many rivers and streams and often rely on the salmon runs as an additional source of protein to survive the harsh climate in which they live. Its a convenient relationship that sometimes affords the fly-fishing angler an opportunity to engage in several fisheries without changing location if their timing is right.

The difficulty lies with access to the majority of fishing opportunities Alaska provides. A great portion of the state remains roadless and travel into and out of the more remote areas is still by small commuter & bush plane, by boat, or a combination. And we don't want to overlook hiking access as the state and federal government continue to expand and/or improve the number of trails into primitive areas.

A second factor associated with sampling the world-class fisheries of the bush is the cost. Transportation by charter planes and boats can carry a hefty price tag and can be a significant portion of the cost for a trip.

Its a common assumption that only the best Alaska fly-fishing comes with a stiff price tag. And yes there are indeed those remote areas that can wear out the casting arm of the most fit angler and produce eye-popping catches all day long. But what about the vast majority of Alaskan anglers as well as an increasing number of do-it-yourself vacation planners? Are there affordable and accessible fishing opportunities for the weekender or budget conscious traveler which may provide a quality experience?

The answer is YES and sometimes some remarkable fishing may only be a few miles from homebase. It is our objective to cover as much water as we can here. Some may be fisheries well-known to the road-bound angler while others may require more logistics to reach. Some fisheries will have crowds of anglers, others will provide the serenity of pure Alaska. But for the fly caster, each will provide an opportunity to engage in Alaska fly-fishing with the advantage of some "insider" information to maximize their chances. Knowledge and understanding, as well as timing, are the key ingredients for successful fly-fishing in Alaska. Even beginners will find our information geared towards them as well as the expert.


Southeastern Metalheads
Todd Petersen's account of his ANNUAL "Once In A Lifetime Trip To Alaska" paints a vivid picture of every steelheader's dream of a perfect fishery.

Dolly Varden

For many decades this road-accessible stream on the Kenai Peninsula has provided hundreds of thousands of angler hours of fishing enjoyment.

- Bushwhacking Chinook -
Learn about the tactics and tackle required to battle Alaska's premier fish, the King Salmon, in close quarters. This primer will get you started in what to expect.

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