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It doesn't look like much and it's totally simple to tie, but has been killer on Silvers. I started using this pattern on Clear Creek a few years ago. I was actually using a wrapped purple bunny leech and after several fish it started to unravel. Well, it was the last one I had on my person so I just kept fishing it. It unraveled all the way to the eye leaving a long strip of rabbit trailing behind. Silvers loved it just like that, so I ended up tying more like it. Because the strip is free from the hook-shank, the movement is tremendous. With its body shape and motion it may very well resemble baitfish, small lamprey eels found in some of our streams, or leeches. The only drawback is that the strip will occasionally wrap around the bend. I have a TYING TIP that will eliminate or greatly reduce this occurrence, while still allowing the freedom of movement.

This pattern in a white bunny has been very effective on Lake Clark region northern pike, char and lake trout.

1. Head - Rabbit dubbing fur from strip

2. Eyes - Eyed Dumbell

3. Body - Stripped Rabbit (any color)

4. Hook - #2 to #6 streamer, long


  1. Form a small thread base behind the hook eye, then tie in a single piece of stripped rabbit of approximately 2 times the hook length, one quarter inch behind the hook eye.

  2. Attach the dumbell eyes behind the hook eye using the figure 8 method.

  3. Using rabbit hair, cut from the strip material; heavily dub the head of the fly making sure to cover all exposed thread. Whip finish.

  4. Using a dubbing brush or wire gun cleaner, brush all dubbed hair to form a fuzzy head.

Note - Thick cut stripped rabbit (Magnum Zonker Strips) will create a more substantial body.

Pattern by Brad Hanson
Photos by B. Hanson 2001

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