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This pattern is very similar to Brad's Slimy Sculpin with the added twist of using BEAD EYES for additional realism and weight. The added head weight creates an extremely realistic "Darting and Dive" movement which is very typical of sculpin swimming or evading predators. Just like the other sculpin patterns, this one is effective on steelhead, rainbows, Dolly Varden, lake trout, cutts, pike and sheefish. And many anglers have found it effective on most salmon species as well.


  1. Head - olive "sculpin wool" (a synthetic wool available in various colors at most fly tying suppliers)

  2. Eyes - Medium to large dumbbell eyes

  3. Hook - #2 to #6 streamer, long

  4. Body hair - olive dyed stripped rabbit

  5. Thread - olive Kevlar


  1. Wrap the shank with thread from the eye to the start of the bend to form a base.

  2. Tie in the rabbit strip at the bend leaving one inch extending past the rear of the hook to form the tail.

  3. Wrap the rabbit forward toward the hook eye, then tie off leaving one-half inch behind the eye.

  4. Position lead dumbbell eyes one-quarter inch behind the hook eye, then secure using the figure 8 method.

  5. Cut 2 one-half inch pieces of Sculpin Wool and secure one below and one above the hook shank behind the dumbbell eye. Pull the kevlar tying thread tightly in successive wraps drawing the center of the wool into the shank. Repeat the process in front of the dumbbell eyes. Work the thread to the hook eye and whip finish.

  6. Grabbing the ends of the wool, pull outward in all directions at right angles to the tie in point to flare and fluff the wool to look like a cotton ball. Work the wool into any area that needs to be covered.

  7. Trim the wool to form the desired head shape.

Note: The head of the sculpin is a prominent and defining feature of this small fish. It's wider than any other part of the body and should be trimmed wide with flat planes on the top and bottom.

Pattern by Brad Hanson
Photo by B. Hanson 2001

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