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1. Thread - Beige 3/0

2. Hook - #6 to #12 dependant upon desired fly size. (Varied sizes should be carried.)

3. Lead - .020 to .030 dependent upon desired weight.

4. Body - Knitting Yarn - Color varying from salmon and beige for early season flesh to white for late. (A variety of colors and color combinations should be carried.) Heavy synthetic knitting yarn is readily available and reasonably priced at most craft shops.


  1. Cover the hook shank from the eye to the bend with thread to form a base.

  2. Tie in .020 - .030 lead wire near the bend and wrap forward stopping 1/8 inch back of the eye, then cover the wrapped lead with tying thread.

  3. Tie in the yarn near the bend with one half inch extending out the rear, then wrap forward to where the lead end's. Make several wraps behind the eye then lift the yarn and whip finish underneath. Trim the yarn which extends out the front to leave one half inch.

  4. Flare the yarn at the front and rear by pulling at right angles to the hook shank, then brush it out with a dubbing comb or brush.

NOTE: Egg colored yarn can be wrapped along the hook shank in conjunction with the standard flesh colored yarn, which is used at the head and tail.

Tied by Brad Hanson
Photo by B. Hanson 2001

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